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American Cider and the Return to Community


Sam Haywood

Sly Clyde Ciderworks

Hampton, Virginia


What we have today isn't new. This ever-expanding network of local breweries, cider houses, and brewpubs is actually physical homage to what our country and neighborhoods looked like before the 1920's, before prohibition. What we call 'craft' today, was actually the norm of yesterday. Through decades of infringed time, we forgot that the breweries, cider houses, and distilleries of yesteryear were often the breathing hearts of a neighborhood. A place where people could congregate, socialize, and enjoy life. Cider in particular, was actually one of the first widespread beverages among colonialists and settlers in early America.

In this informational fireside chat, Sam will dive into the history of cider and how it is still bringing communities like Hampton Roads together today.

Later Event: November 4
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