Sunday, November 4, 2018

If self-distributed, please note below.
I understand that I'm required to provide folks to pour from 2-6p on Sunday, November 4, 2018. *
I'm interested in possibly participating in the festival's Brew-U Craft Beer Education Experience. *
I'd like to submit a specialty cask/brew for the VIPs. *
I'm a local Hampton Roads-based brewery and would be interested in being a ticketing location. (Translation: We give you hard tickets on consignment, peeps can buy with no fees, we market it as cash only purchases so you don't have to sweat the card processing fees. We help try to drive traffic to you using this sweet gem of a deal.) *
I am interested in receiving info about the Battle of the Breweries Beer Olympics on Saturday. November 3, 2018. *
I'm interested in receiving info regarding participating in the Pre-Event Sponsor Beer Dinner *
I'd like to receive some info on discounted lodging/accommodations for my team . *
I understand that if I wish to also participate in the Fredericksburg event on 10/27/2018, I need to complete that registration form as well. *
We know. Kinda' inconvenient. But we want to make sure our teams in each location are set up to make these events rock. Thanks for your understanding!